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Bendix G.C.T.
» General Purpose disc brake pad
» Suitable for Passenger Cars
» Recommended driver use: general suburban, city commuting
» Suggested driving style: Moderate, light braking

Bendix Advance
» Formulated for modern vehicles
» Shorter stopping distances
» Suggested driving style: Moderate, light braking
» Extended pad life at higher temperatures
» Recommended driver use: for general usage on modern vehicles
» Suggested driving style: moderate braking

Bendix 4WD
» High temperature capability, tough and durable with good pedal feel
» Resists brakefade caused by heavy loads and high temperature conditions
» Recommended driver use: city, country and outback roads, family commuting, recreational
» Suggested driving style: passive and aggressive, normal and sudden braking

Heavy Duty
» Open fibre, low iron, synthetic graphite compound
» Maximum performance across a wide temperature range
» Lasts up to 4 times longer than standard materials
» Reduced rotor wear
» Recommended driver use: peak hour traffic, heavy duty, towing, heavy loads, steep gradients
» Suggested driving style: frequent braking

Bendix Ultimate
» High performance, fade resisting disc brake pad
» Suitable for sports, performance and prestige vehicles
» Recommended driver use: freeway, competition, high speed touring
» Suggested driving style: energetic, hard braking

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